Failure will Wither
Everybody has to face failure. Failures are important part of life. But never fail yourself.
Anytime in your life you fail,,, answer and try to find reasons of your failures for fresh transformation and action.

Always Internalize success within you and not failure. Success will help you to see straight and climb up and failure will demoralize you. Retention of negative memory should be minimized. Ending the concept of failure is beginning of success.

Luck matters but never be fatalist. Ushering new dawn means new day, new opportunities.
Why I did so? Don’t reason out your past deeds but try to erase the guilt.

Inspire yourself throughout the journey. Inspiration should be from within. Transmit and share your positivism to allow all to become enthusiastic.

Ensure a defeat to your failures.

Always try to reach out first and fast for making initial gains. Spiritualism is the best abode for self-nurturing and rejuvenation.

Your Inner Journey

Everybody should seek for their Inner journey. Inner Journey is all about where you look at yourself within, understand yourself, love yourself. In short information about the self that is from within.

Few steps for inward journey…

Inform self, which can be done by begetting knowledge from outside. This will allow introspection and introduction about you.

Moving ahead attitude should always be experimented for inner search. Enthusiasm will help you to move ahead in a better way.

Never talk about your Negations. These are always speed breakers in your ‘self-qualities’. Where the qualities are known to you. You just need to update yourself.

Always share your emotions; this will help you bring out yourself. Do understand the Energy of your soul and power of your personality.

Inward journey is your inner delve. Therefore Don’t search for solutions from outside or from someone else. Originality is within you; feel your strength there and I am sure you will explore yourself in far better way.

Maintain your Rhythm of deep thought process about you which will give you an eternal floating experience of yourself. Because Empowerment of self originates from deep within.

Now since you already know about yourself and have travelled internally, Mirror your divine power and perform powerfully.

Realize yourself and you will Love everything. You will enjoy each and every moment.

To love others you first need to learn yourself.

Learn to Live and to Love…

Grow old…

It’s so true and funny about life is that we realize the value of something or someone, only when it tends to leave us. Now as we grow old, we will surely realize the importance of us being young and youthful. We will definitely miss our friends, their friendship, their fights, how they helped us even when they got caught in our mistakes.

Why do we grow old? People seek for Responsibilities…duties to be performed by you for all who rely on you. You PLAY different Role for every character of your life. Expectations are high from you. Why? Why do we grow old?

In your own lives you will discover that nothing will satisfy you as earning your own rewards and the reward is rewarded for your struggle. Same as the food cooked by you is more delicious and happy meal. But at the same time you also feel like a kid in the school where you struggle to compete with one another was better than today’s struggle and also as sweet as your friendship.

To close I would like to say, “Nothing in a Life is Permanent”. As you grow old, rather than becoming bitter, we must learn to savor the memory of good things while they lasted.

It is beautifully said that “Life is a Gift, Living is an Art”.


“Little hands reach across every boundary. Big hearts embrace all creating harmony”.

They are so pure when they smile. They are so genuine when they greet you and say HI..!!

It was so wonderful to see someone smile because of you. You are just so blissful when you know the reason behind someone’s smile is you.

Look in their eyes when they look at you and smile. Shake hand with them when they bring joy to you. Hug them when they are sad. Just spend some time with them and listen to them, and I bet you will be taught so many things by them. Truly said, every child is unique and beautiful.

Every kid there had a shine and spark when they played games with us. They were really so excited to play the game just to win one small pen or kerchief as a price. While playing they were so dedicated and only concentrated in their game to play and win. Very easy to say but difficult to follow, what I learnt there… Never Give Up, Try Try till you Succeed, Determination, Focus and you will be the defeater of failure.

What do you think??..Post you comments…
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