Failure will Wither
Everybody has to face failure. Failures are important part of life. But never fail yourself.
Anytime in your life you fail,,, answer and try to find reasons of your failures for fresh transformation and action.

Always Internalize success within you and not failure. Success will help you to see straight and climb up and failure will demoralize you. Retention of negative memory should be minimized. Ending the concept of failure is beginning of success.

Luck matters but never be fatalist. Ushering new dawn means new day, new opportunities.
Why I did so? Don’t reason out your past deeds but try to erase the guilt.

Inspire yourself throughout the journey. Inspiration should be from within. Transmit and share your positivism to allow all to become enthusiastic.

Ensure a defeat to your failures.

Always try to reach out first and fast for making initial gains. Spiritualism is the best abode for self-nurturing and rejuvenation.

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2 Responses
  1. Good shipra Keep on Writing...

  2. Ashish Says:

    I do agree, but I feel one should be optimistic and pessimistic both in case of facing realities of life. but; whats the use of being optimist and doing nothing as well as being pessimist and doing nothing... Actually in short in both cases one has to take ration action :)
    Bhot jyaad likh diya shayad...

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